Fill the Clean Up Cart!

  • The CLEAN UP CART is the most convenient solution to help you finish your home improvement projects
    • Remodeling projects
    • Home and garage cleanups
    • Moving preparation
    • Landscaping projects
    • Garage and closet cleanouts
    • Backyard cleanups
    • Excess trash and rubbish from trimming trees
    • Excess rubbish cleanup when moving out
    • Trash outs when moving in or out
    • Spring cleanings
    • Just household junk cleanouts
    • Great size for parties at your home or office
  • The CLEAN UP CART is sized right for do-it-yourself and remodeling projects. The sturdy CLEAN UP CART will hold 250 pounds of debris. 

Go ahead - fill it up with your remodeling debris and household junk.

  • Don't worry about restrictive dumpster rental time periods.  We offer the cart for up to 14 days at no extra charge.
  • Quick deliveries and exchanges when calling for your trash cart to be delivered.
  • The CLEAN UP CART is ready-to-use.
  • It's yours to use whenever you want, for as long as you need up to 14 days
  • Using your CLEAN UP CART is easy.
    • 1. Take it out and use it whenever you're ready.
    • 2. Place the CLEAN UP CART on your property or pull inside your home for convenient loading. It has wheels and a     handle.
    • 3. Fill the CLEAN UP CART with your debris.  We'll take just about anything!
    • Construction debris
    • Household junk
    • Yard waste
    • Trash or rubbish
    • Solid waste
    • Event cleanups  
    • Party trash
    • Spring cleanouts
    • E-waste and Universal Waste is ok too!

PLEASE REMEMBER:  The CLEAN UP CART cannot accept anything toxic or hazardous, paint, oil, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs or ballasts, railroad ties, tires, medical waste, pesticides, chemicals, etc.

Call now to get a quote and order the CLEAN UP CART!
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