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The City of Los Angeles is launching an exciting new public private partnership that will for the first time in the history of the City, offer customer-friendly and efficient waste and recycling services to all commercial and industrial businesses, institutions, and large multifamily buildings.

This innovative program is part of the City’s commitment to enhance the quality of life in Los Angeles by improving the air that we breathe, the roads that we travel and the overall cleanliness of Los Angeles.

The new program, called “recycLA” will move us closer to achieving “zero waste” through pioneering waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and recovery programs.

Until now, nearly 80,000 businesses and multifamily buildings have received waste collection services from unregulated private haulers, but most are not provided with the same recycling services single family homes receive. The new program will extend recycling opportunities to everyone in the City, and will ensure strong customer services, predictable and protected rates, much needed infrastructure and equipment improvements.

The program divides the City into zones that will be served exclusively by one waste collection company, meaning fewer trucks congesting our neighborhoods and less wear and tear on our streets. The companies will also be required to use only clean-fuel burning trucks, which will help to improve our air quality.

The new “recycLA” waste and recycling program will be a win-win for our City. For small businesses, large corporations, renters and environmental advocates alike, the expansion of recycling opportunities and the establishment of customer service expectations and protections will benefit us all.

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