What is temporary service?

Temporary service is where you need a bin on a temporary basis ranging from a couple of days to more than a month.

What kind of bin do I get with temporary service?

We have bin sizes for all needs, ranging from 1 cubic yard up to 40 cubic yards. We deliver the bin, you fill it, and we empty or take it away. It’s just that simple.

What stuff can I put into a temporary bin?

You can put almost anything but there are important exceptions.

  1. No hazardous or toxic waste
  2. No liquids
  3. No explosives
  4. No medical waste or sharps, or human or animal excrement
  5. No electronic wastes such as auto or household batteries, TVs, cell phones, etc.
  6. No radioactive items

Please don’t overfill the bin; we can empty and return the bin or give you a larger size.

What size bin should I choose?

Please talk to a customer service representative and they can assist to right-size your request.

Can I change Plans or cancel at any time?

Always allow at least 24-hours notice for any order, change order, or cancellation. Don’t wait until Saturday to order your bin if you plan to do a clean up project on the weekend!

Is my stuff recycled?

We take extreme care to recycle all your stuff as much as possible. Not everything is recyclable, but our goal is 75% recovery.

I have a garden clean up project. Do you recycle yard wastes?

We recycle most everything organic. We can accept untreated wood, grass clippings, brush, and soil for composting, while other items such as treated wood usually must be safely disposed.

My child is interested in recycling. Do you have any educational materials?

Yes! We have a variety of things suitable for education including coloring books, literature, games, and online content such as videos about recycling. We serve many school districts so ask one of our customer service representatives if we service your child’s school. We’d love to come out and share!

What about Refunds?

We offer a money back guarantee on our service. If we can’t make it right, we’ll refund your money. Please talk with our courteous customer service representatives about your particular needs or issue.

I am interested in reducing my waste. Can you help?

We routinely practice the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) at Ware Disposal. So, yes, our customer service representatives will be pleased to provide you with helpful tips to reduce, reuse and recycle your wastes.

Why can’t I always get paid for my recyclables?

Recycling is like any business. The value of the recyclable item must substantially  exceed the cost of collecting, processing and end use to be profitable and allow us to pay for material. Many items are technically recyclable, but unfortunately, are not economical for us and anyone to recycle. In some cases, like organics and compost, it may cost just the same as landfilling, but the benefit to society to repair depleted soils outweighs the costs, so we do it. Some items, like CRV cans and bottles, have an artificial value — a deposit you paid when you bought it — on them, so it makes easy sense to recycle. But recycling just isn’t free.

Do you take mattresses?

We accept any mattress for recycling as we participate in California’s voluntary Mattress Recycling Program.

What’s a surefire way to save when it comes to yard wastes?

Since you have yard wastes, it’s safe to say you have a yard. Did you know that leaving your grass clippings on the lawn can be beneficial? Those blades of grass are 80% water, and contain needed organic carbon and nitrogen, both nutrients for your soil. They decompose in only a few days, enriching your soil. That saves on buying expensive fertilizers!

I’d like some quick tips on other ways to be environmental.

One of the best ways to be environmental is to examine all those dangerous items right under your sink or in the garage. Pesticides, cleansers, drain uncloggers, and more not only are toxic, but they cost a bunch! There are simple remedies such as baking soda and vinegar to unclog drains, while a solution of baking soda, borax, vinegar and a little elbow grease can help clean tiles and counters. And did you know that you can make your own bug spray by using 1% mix of crushed lemon or orange peel bits mixed with water (natural pesticide)? It’s amazing what everyday inexpensive products can do that will shave lots of dollars from your monthly household budget. Our customer service representatives can help you fine cheap, good and safe alternatives to expensive and dangerous products.

Are you hiring?

Ware Disposal is one of the top 50 refuse and recyclers in the United States. And our work load is expanding! We invite you to apply for a position with our company. Just send us a note through CONTACT US telling about yourself and giving us your contact information. We can send you an application for driver, technicians, customer service, and more. We can’t promise you a job, but we do welcome individuals who have skills and want to make a difference.