Sharps Containers

SHARPS CONTAINERS AVAILABLE – In These California Counties

Safe Sharps Disposal

Ware Disposal is now offering a safe, confidential and cost-effective Sharps waste disposal system to the communities we serve. The Sharps Disposal by Mail System provides individuals, companies and institutions a way of disposing used hypodermic needles, lancets, test strips and other small quantity medical waste. Each system includes a specially designed sharps container and a postage-prepaid shipping container ensuring your medical waste will be delivered safely by the U.S. Postal Service to a certified medical waste resource recovery facility. This mail back container is available for the home user or for commercial customers. All are designed to meet all local, state and federal requirements. All provide a worry-free, responsible and safe needle disposal system.

The best and safest option for sharps disposal is participating in a mail-back program. It is important that needles and other sharps are disposed of in a safe manner, in order to protect yourself and others who may come in contact with your waste cart, whether it is the trash hauler or sorters who work at sorting facilities. The US Environmental Protection Agency offers guidelines on how to safely dispose sharps and other medical wastes. Click Here For Guidelines

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